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Free Masterclass: how to develop a mobile phone app

Apps for smartphones are the latest thing, but how do you create one? How might they work best in a museum, gallery and tourism context? What kind of content do you need? Find out at this masterclass in Cheltenham on Monday 24 September 2012.

It is offered by Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum as the first session of the 2012-2013 Museum Skills Programme.  It is led by the team who developed the mobile phone app for gallery's designated Arts and Crafts Movement collection and will cover:
•    Using apps in a museum and tourism context by Arkenford, a market research and data modelling company who developed consultation for the project including a user survey
•    An introduction to the app from Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum staff
•    A demonstration of the app by app developer, Conjure
•    Working with the University of Gloucestershire to create 3D images
•    Top tips from the app project team

If you can't make it, why not tweet your questions to us?  We'll be holding a live twitter question and answer session on the 24th, with answers from all our panel, including app designers Conjure.  Tweet your questions through to @ArtsCraftsChelt on the day. 

Please download the booking form and further information here.

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