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Pattern Archive 2 - Secondary

This collection of twelve images from both the collection and the archives held at Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum are just a taster of the collection.

To find out more about the Arts and Crafts Movement you can visit the Arts & Crafts Movement pages. Why not have a look at our Online Exhibitions? You can find out about:

  • Arts and Crafts in the Cotswolds
  • Arts and Crafts Style
  • Arts and Crafts: Making and Techniques

Many of you will have come across William Morris during primary school. Here you will discover that although he was perceived as the grandfather of the movement he was only one member of an extended group. You can find out about the return to rural craft techniques, the influence by their environment on the designs created and the search for a life less complicated. If you would like to read more about this fascinating period and the beautiful objects created in response then you may like to visit the gallery shop.

Publication suggestions:

Simplicity or Splendour, Arts and Crafts Living: Objects from the Cheltenham Collections, edited by Annette Carruthers and Mary Greensted

Good Citizen's Furniture, The Arts and Crafts Collections at Cheltenham, edited by Annette Carruthers and Mary Greensted

Emery Walker AD 1