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Notes for Secondary Teachers

The Arts & Crafts Collection is recognised as a collection of national importance held in a provincial museum. The depth and breadth of the artefacts collected over many years continues to be added to by the current curators. The collection can provide a fascinating and tangible stimulus for a range of activities at Key Stage3, 4 and beyond.

The collection has continued to expand and it has become a policy for curators to commission new responses to the existing collection. The new extension to the museum, completed in 1989, afforded the opportunity to commission contemporary makers to design a frontage to the building to reflect the new Arts & Crafts gallery. Both the building and its displays provide a stimulus for the art and design units listed below.

The Arts & Crafts gallery can be used for an examination of craft and design as well as encouraging the evaluation of objects. Research into the evolution of the Arts & Crafts Movement will provide an opportunity to explore the concepts of design, working with clients and the development of shared ideals. The tension between products made by mass production or by hand can be examined and the collection has many fascinating examples of craft techniques. A visit is highly recommended to be able to appreciate how dovetail joints, hand planished silver and intricate veneers and marquetry were executed to such high standards.

The huge industrial changes, which occurred as the nineteenth century drew to a close, and the Arts & Crafts Collection provides many images and artefacts relevant to the Key Stage 3 study units.

Take a look at 'In the box' and 'Take a seat' for some other resources along with the pattern archive. There are some great images in both the primary and secondary archives. The Gimson sketches are not usually on display and are a fine example of a professional designer at work.
Secondary curriculum links:

Secondary QCA scheme of work links:

Art & Design:
Unit 7B What's in a building?
Unit 8C Shared views
Unit 9B Personal places, public spaces
Visiting an art gallery or museum.

Unit 11 Industrial changes - action and reaction

Design & Technology:
Unit 07bii Designing and making for yourself
Unit 08bii Designing for clients
Unit 08f The world of professional designers
Unit 09bii Designing for markets

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