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Take a Seat

From earliest times seating, with first stools and later chairs, has been important to people, both providing comfort and status. How would you make a chair, what materials would you use, and how would you decorate it?

In the Chair Archive you can find different ways of doing this. You can have a go at a chair game in Make a chair or discover how Gloucestershire craftsman Paul Spriggs does this in the Chairmaker at work.

Make a Chair

For fun try and make a chair!

See the Chairmaker at work

Look at the Chairmaker at work section to find out how someone working in the Arts and Crafts style makes chairs today - you will see that the craftsman here uses both traditional techniques and modern technology to make chairs.

Chair Archive - Primary

Chair Archive - Secondary

Here you will find an archive of photographs of chairs from Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum's collection. They are a good resource for study and design ideas. The captions will get you thinking about how chairs are constructed and the motifs and patterns that could be used. To see more chairs search for 'chair' in Collections Search.

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