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Pattern Archive 1 - Primary

The patterns in Archive 1 have been selected with primary pupils in mind but we are sure that other lifelong learners will find them to be of interest. Many of the artefacts can be found on display in the Arts and Crafts  Movement Gallery at the museum but some of the drawings have come from the museum archive and are not usually seen by the public.

Many of you will have heard of William Morris, the Victorian artist and designer. You may have already looked at some of Morris's work at school. He is often thought of as the grandfather of the group of artists, architects and designers who became known as the Arts and Crafts Movement. If you would like some more information about William Morris then visit his own page.

Take some time to look at some of the images in the pattern archives. Some of them will provide extra information, some will ask questions and some will give you the answers. Don't forget to look at some of the making ideas and try a few games.

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