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Notes for Primary Teachers

Children will have used a variety of their ICT skills to have arrived at this website and navigate their way around. There are some practical activities that can be set up in response to the images they have explored, along with some extension activities.  Why not explore the Pattern Archive, In the Box and discover how an Arts and Crafts style chair is made in Take a Seat?  There are lots more activities to try in Get Crafty.

The most obvious links in the curriculum are with art and design and design and technology. The images provide some resources for any exploration of William Morris but it is useful to show that he was part of a group or movement of like-minded people, not a stand alone figure in art and design history.

The Pattern Archive can be used as starting points to explore the knowledge, skills and understanding required in developing creative thinking and discussing how products are designed and made. There is the opportunity to use the images to stimulate discussions about the differences and similarities in the work of artists, designers and craftspeople in different times and to explore their roles and aims.

There are also links to National Literary Strategy speaking and listening objectives as children discuss the images, creating imaginative stories about the objects, how they were made, where the ideas may have come from, who might have used them. These can link to writing challenges and some historical investigation. The wallpaper and tile designs link to National Numeracy Strategy mathematics as children investigate reflective and rotational symmetry within pattern making.

Primary curriculum links:

You may like to use the website before or after visiting the gallery or purely as a web based activity. There is an Arts & Crafts educational pack with more ideas and activities available through the education department or try some of the activities in Get Crafty!

Primary QCA scheme of work links:

Art & Design:
Unit 1B Investigating materials
Unit 2B Mother Nature
Unit 3B Investigating pattern
Unit 4B Take a seat, see the special chair resource pages
Unit 5B Containers - see In The Box section), Visiting an art gallery or museum.

Unit 2 Homes, what were they like a long time ago?
Unit 18 What was it like to live here in the past?
Unit 12 How did life change in our locality in Victorian times?

Design & Technology:
Unit 2D Focus on textiles Unit 3A Focus on structures for packaging Unit 3D Focus on structures Unit 6A Focus on structures Unit 6B Focus on textiles

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